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A college education has a major impact on the lifetime earnings and is well worth the investment according to multiple studies. But the price can be steep and many students are looking for ways to pay for their tuition and other expenses.

Existing websites mainly offer information regarding grants, scholarships and loans. We will review different websites available in our blog and provide access to numerous programs.

Unfortunately, not all students qualify for these sources of money and many are struggling to bridge the gap and cover the expenses connected to studying in college.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, student debt is now around 1.3 trillion dollars and it is only growing. It is second only to mortgages and more than a credit card and auto debt.

Students not only receive a degree at the end of their years in college, but many are left with a huge amount of debt that is hard to pay off on a beginning salary. It is even worse for those who drop out and end up with a large debt without the earning benefits of a degree…

Saving for college can be an important part of planning for college, especially if you already know that you probably won't qualify for student aid (due to parent's income etc). Saving while in college will help you from accumulating excessive debts and saving after college will help you pay for the outstanding student loans and get them paid off faster.

Making money before, during and after college will also help to save for college and to reduce the debt as soon as possible. It also provides an opportunity to gain experience which may lead to employment after college.

There are many factors that play a role in the successful completion of college. We will explore ways on how to prevent students from dropping out and how to improve the college experience.

On this website you will find numerous ways to find, save and make money for, in and after college and much, much more.

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